Yorrick Anderson
Yorrick Anderson
Trainer/Karate Master
When Yorrick is not in the park practicing karate, you can find him down at C1 gym in Park Slope practicing karate. Yorrick will inspire you to run higher, jump further and do more pushups and pull-ups than you ever thought possible for a super-powerless super hero such as yourself.
April Frazier
April Frazier
April leads by example and she sets the bar high. Take her HIIT class: she'll push you to your limit - no matter your fitness level; and then take her Yoga class ( she'll help you find your flexible Yoga yin to your high intensity training yang.

Morgan Sevigny
Wearer of many hats, but not literally because (fun fact) she doesn't really like hats
Morgan is a born Christmas Tree vendor ( She trains year long for the lone purpose of being able to carry Christmas Trees that look much too big for her lanky (some might even say duck-like) frame to carry. Morgan specializes in getting you to do feats of fitness that you say you "can't" do.

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